Publish Date : 9/2/2023 12:09:07 PM

Yoga is basically a physical exercise that brings in physical, mental, and emotional harmony and also builds strength. These are essential especially in the fast-paced lifestyle that people are living today. This is why courses in yoga and naturopathy are highly beneficial.

Yoga includes meditation and breathing exercises that help improve blood circulation and overall immunity. Breathing exercises also help regulate one’s moods and temperament. Yoga emphasizes on having a healthy body for a healthy mind. Although Yoga originated in India, but today people all over the world are learning and practicing yoga for health benefits.

Physical Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga can relieve a person from chronic pains like backaches, headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga is also known to reduce blood pressure and help with insomnia. Some other physical benefits of yoga include the following:

  • Increase in flexibility
  • Better muscle tone and strength
  • Improved energy and respiration
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Weight reduction
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Protection from injuries
  • Better athletic performance
Mental Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga nourishes the mind through the right breathing techniques. It is a good stress-buster in today's hectic life. Stress is known to cause several issues like body aches, headaches, difficulty breathing, inability to concentrate, drug/alcohol abuse, and insomnia. Yoga is known to alleviate stress, thereby reducing the chances of these other issues arising.

Regular yoga can help relax the mind, improve concentration, and make an individual more self-aware.

AISECT University is one of the few universities that offers courses in yoga and naturopathy. Some of the yoga courses offered by AISECT University include:

Yoga Instructor Course

This is a yoga and naturopathy course with a duration of six months. A student opting for this course can take admission into the course immediately after completing their higher secondary education. AISECT university offers a Yoga Instructor Course where students practice yoga to increase their own muscle strength, flexibility, and study the principles of yoga and Ayurveda. This course is designed to make students academically and technically proficient to help people in fighting with stress and lifestyle-induced diseases without any medication.

Post Graduate in Yoga and Naturopathy

This is a one-year diploma course that one can take up after graduation in any science-related course. Naturopathy focuses on the natural healing ability of the body and discourages the use of medications. It aims to naturally increase the body’s immune system and protect the body against all kinds of illnesses. Some of the main subjects taught in the course include acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition therapy, and herbal medicines.

Career Prospects

After completion of yoga and naturopathy courses, students have the opportunity to start their own private practice or to work in any government or private hospital and treat patients in a natural way. They can also become yoga instructors in gyms and spas. Some good jobs after studying yoga include studio manager, studio owner, yoga therapist, entrepreneur, yoga researcher and many more.