Publish Date : 7/29/2023 7:50:22 PM

A high-quality education in science is almost a necessity for economic growth in any country. Science is responsible for the constant growth of any country and brings in new advancements and developments in the world of medicine and technology, which is why universities need to have a department of science.

The department of science at AISECT University, Jharkhand is committed to disseminating advanced knowledge in its students via regularly updating the course curriculum to keep pace with regular changes taking place in the field of science. Infrastructure and facilities available at the university make sure to give modern and well-equipped laboratories to do experiments and research.

The university keeps the course curriculum constantly updated so that the students get to learn all the developments taking place in the field of science. This is what makes AISECT stand alongside other great B.Sc colleges in Jharkhand.

The faculty at the university is highly committed to inculcating knowledge into the students. They understand that every student has a different learning graph, which is why various learning styles are adopted into the teaching method. These include regular classroom sessions in the form of lectures, which is the traditional method of learning. Smart classes and practical training is also conducted to ensure that the students learn better. The teachers are well experienced and highly qualified with PhDs to give the best learning experience to the students.

During B.Sc. students can opt for various streams like zoology, biotechnology, computer science, biology, electronics, statistics, agriculture, botany and etc.

A Bachelors’s degree in science has a duration of three years. It is an undergraduate program divided into six semesters, with each year having two semesters. One can complete their HSC examinations from any state recognized board to be eligible for the course, although having a science background is a necessity to be able to grasp onto topics faster. The following are the core subjects one study during the B.Sc. course.

Physics: This involves the study of theorems and theoretical information, making it one of the prime subjects studied in B.Sc. colleges in Ranchi. It is the mother science behind all computer studies and programming. The study of physics can be fascinating, especially with topics like quantum physics and thermodynamics involved. One can opt for further studies like M.Sc. or MBA after B.Sc. in physics.

Mathematics: A B.Sc. in Mathematics includes the study of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and mathematical analysis. One can also pursue an M.Sc. or MBA after this course. Additionally, one can also do B.Ed and become a teacher or a professor of mathematics.

Chemistry: Chemistry is the study of elements and compounds. There are further branches of chemistry like physical chemistry, biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry. The course goes into detail about these branches. One can choose to go for further studies like M.Sc. or MBA after this.

Job Opportunities

There are several employment options for an individual after doing B.Sc like that of a research analyst, lab assistant, or chemist. students can opt to do B.Ed. after completing B.Sc. and become a school teacher. They can also go for higher studies like post-graduation courses followed by the doctorate to avail lucrative job offers.

Most of the job opportunities after B.Sc are in the field of research and development sector. Due to there being a very efficient placement cell in AISECT University, organizations directly hire students after their graduation.