Publish Date : 2/11/2023 4:27:11 PM

Every industry in the world has been impacted by the digital revolution and uses technology in their daily operations, which is why there is a high demand for professionals with a background in computer science.

BCA or Bachelors in Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate program. The focus of the course is on computer applications. This course opens up a large number of opportunities for students, and all a student needs is to have an interest in computers to apply for the admission in this course. The subjects within the course would help an individual go on to create computer applications later in life.

Who is eligible for studying in the best BCA colleges in India?

Because it is the age of digital transformation, every industry is in need of computer science graduates, but It is also advised to only go for a subject that interests you, as you can only succeed in a field that interests you.

Aspirants interested in computer science can apply for this course, although it is preferred that the student has some background in computer science before applying. Having studied the science subjects during higher secondary class is a must when applying for BCA. Students must have a minimum aggregate of 50% to be eligible.

What are the benefits of studying BCA at AISECT University?

One of the best things about doing BCA is that you can get employed immediately after graduation. This is really a good option as most undergraduate courses do not offer this benefit. With most bachelor degrees, you would need masters as well, to get employed.

Another benefit is that the fees for the course are very reasonable, especially if you compare it to the fees of other computer courses. The exact fees vary depending on which university or college you opt for.

There are a lot of comparisons that happen between BCA and B.Tech, but the career opportunities associated with both the courses are not the same. Here are some of the bright job opportunities that you can grab if you complete a BCA course.

  • Coding
  • Software Development
  • Application Testing
  • Application Development
  • Network Administration

Students also have the option to go for higher education in the same field. This can be done in the form of masters or a postgraduate diploma.

AISECT University has established the BCA college in Jharkhand that focuses on the fundamentals of computer applications and programming. This would include the details of programming languages, computer science and the development of software that can be used in technology-driven sectors.

Since it is one of the top universities in India, AISECT provides excellent quality education that is affordable and accessible by the students belonging to every class of society. Your eligibility for the course would be determined by your merit in higher secondary examinations. Some of the main subjects taught in the course include

  • Database Management
  • Networking
  • Core languages like C++ and Java
  • Data structure