Publish Date : 7/29/2023 7:03:09 PM

India is mostly an agrarian country where most of its population depends on agriculture as a means of livelihood. In fact it is more than 50% of the population of India that relies on agriculture for their livelihood. This makes it really important for universities to recognize the importance of agriculture in studies. AISECT Jharkhand recognizes this need and that is what makes it one of the leading Agriculture colleges in Jharkhand.

An education in agriculture can teach you all about modern agricultural practices along with the traditional practices that have been done for many years. This includes information on soils, like the different types of soils and how to manage them, seeds, crop disease, water management practices, just to name a few of the things you would learn if you joined an agriculture college.

Human beings are not just dependent on agriculture for livelihood, but also for food. In fact, society would crumble without proper agricultural knowledge, and that makes it imperative for universities to recognize the need to have an agriculture course. AISECT Jharkhand is one of the agriculture colleges in Ranchi.

There is a common misconception regarding this kind of a course, that only farmers would go for such a course, and it is odd that this misconception exists in India, mainly because of how much India relies on agriculture.

Career Prospects:

There are many career options for someone who studies agriculture. One can be a part of research fellowships and take part in researching new and better ways of doing agriculture to ensure maximum crop quality. You could also be an agriculture officer or agriculture analyst, so you see that the course is not limited to just becoming a farmer.

Being one of the best agriculture colleges in Jharkhand, AISECT university understands the importance of agricultural productivity in the economy and seeks to teach students how to improve agricultural productivity using the latest tools, technologies and developments in the world of agriculture.

A course in agriculture will teach you all you need to learn about anything related to harvesting and husbandry. The course also prepares you to take on a career in agriculture. The best part is that such a course has very few eligibility requirements. All you need to do is pass HSC examinations from a recognized board with any subject as your stream. These courses are also more reasonably priced than most other B.E courses.

Additionally, you could go for further studies after doing this course. There are various options to go for including Msc in agriculture or MBA in agriculture. Other than this, you could always get a job and work as an agriculture analyst, agriculture officer.